Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kickin' it with Mike Stern ...

It is almost 90F (32C) outside - a lovely but sweltering day for Bellingham - and Jesse and I decided to let a pro do the talking for us today ... the amazing and brilliant Mike Stern. Not only is he one of the most widely respected jazz guitarists around, with strong roots in the blues and rock, but he also happens to be one of the most charming professional artists who we have met over the years. A frequent visitor at the University of Washington Music Department (where Jesse's brother Marc teaches), he is fabulous in the workshop setting with students, generously sharing his knowledge and wonderful stories, and making everyone feel at ease.

I cannot find any information about where this two-part interview/mini-workshop was filmed - but it reminded me a lot of when we saw Mike a couple of years ago at the UW. He has absolutely perfect technique and an amazingly positive attitude about everything - a real joy to watch and learn from!

And here is a recording of a live performance by Mike in Paris a few years back, featuring Richard Bona on bass, Dennis Chambers on drums, and Bob Franceschini on sax  - enjoy!

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